Cashew Butter & Cinnamon Cookies

Another cookie recipe you ask? But I know you're not complaining. Possibly one of the easiest and most delicious, warming cookies great for the afternoon with a cup of herbal tea. Using cinnamon to curb those sugar cravings and stabilise blood sugar while combining wholesome cashew butter to give you a great dose of healthy... Continue Reading →

Choc, Rosemary & Chilli Cookies

Ok so I have made a few healthy cookies in my time on this blog but these are a serious winner. Who else struggles to create a healthy cookie base that isn't super dry? Thanks to the dense olive oil and nutty almond meal , this combo is unbeatable and seriously dangerous ( had to... Continue Reading →

Chia & Hemp Breakfast Pudding

Who else is enjoying the hemp trend at the moment? After becoming closer with the founders of myhemple, (use SARAHC10 for 10% off)I have been increasingly using hemp seeds & oils in my cooking and love it! The flavour is delicious and nutty and it is so beneficial for us, containing many great omegas, magnesium &... Continue Reading →

Satay Tofu Salad

I love making things myself but sometimes you run out of time or need something quick and easy to add to meals. This morning, I bought some of this satay marinated tofu from my local coles and added it to a delicious salad with coconut kale. I used a combination of both raw and cooked... Continue Reading →

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