Low Fructose Caramel Slice


I wanted to try and create a low fructose version of caramel slice as many vegan or raw recipes contain large amounts of dates and end up being very high in sugar. I couldn’t find a single caramel slice recipe on the internet which didn’t contain them so I ended up making my own. Rice malt syrup is a great low fructose sugar alternative to dates – enjoy!

Raw Vegan Caramel Slice Recipe – Low Sugar Version


1 cup of nuts of your choice ( can be mixed- opt for walnuts and almonds to get most out of nuts nutritional value)

2/3 cup almond meal

2 big spoons of rice malt syrup ( give and take depending on consistency when blended*)


Once you have lined your tin with baking paper blend the base ingredients and press evenly. Pop in freezer while you make the middle layer as it will be easier to then spread it on top.

*Sometimes it may be a bit crumbly depending on the rice malt syrup and almond meal ratio. Play around with it- it doesn’t need to be completely sticky and is usually fine if it’s a little crumbly but you also don’t want it to fall apart so just be weary and can always add more rice malt.

Middle (caramel) Layer

½ cup tahini (unhulled*)

½ cup rice malt syrup


Blend and smooth over the base layer. It will most likely be very sticky especially if using unhulled so rinse the back of a spoon with warm water and this will help to smoothen it out.


*Hulled tahini will still work and will in fact be creamier and easier to manage however unhulled still works perfectly and due to containing the shell of the seed, contains maximum fibre and calcium

Chocolate Layer

½ cup raw cacao

½ cup melted coconut oil

Pinch of salt

( if it’s too bitter for you feel free to add a bit more rice malt to sweeten the chocolate layer, but it should be sweet enough )

Mix all ingredients and pour over the middle layer and place in freezer to set. It is also best to keep in freezer in general as it will melt quite easily.

Sarah Wilson author of I Quit Sugar movement discusses why low fructose sweeteners are the best to use below:




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