Would Money Stop Your Sugar Consumption?

While Facebook can be distracting at the worst of times, it can provide you with some occasional material that really gets you thinking. This week I had one of those light bulb moments when this video appeared on my news feed.


This video from sunrise news discusses the idea of increasing taxes in the form of sugary foods/drinks. Do you think it is holding people back from being healthy the way healthy foods seem to always be more expensive than those that aren’t so great for you?

I thought it was a really interesting thought and possible initiative that the government may implement in the future and would be really interested to see whether it would be effective or not.

I think the spending factor gets us all at times, and sometimes its just that much more convenient for your bank account to buy the unhealthy but cheaper option. If healthy food was less expensive do you think you would consume more of it?

Leave any of your thoughts below!

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