Eat Like An Angel

It’s that time of the year where the infamous Victoria’s Secret Show comes around. This year, over 50 models walked the runway in Paris. These girls start preparing 6 months prior for the show every day for what might be not even 30 seconds on your TV screens. In addition to intense training regimes, the models followed strict diets to keep them energised, lean and healthy for the show. Have a look below for some of their favourite ways to keep healthy in preparing for the runway.


  1. Greens – models Elsa Hosk and Rachel Hilbert increase their greens intake in the form of juices and vegetables. Hilbert says she eats up to double the amount of greens she usually eats leading up to the show for energy and cleansing benefits.
  2. Protein– Martha Hunt tries to get protein in every meal mostly in eggs and meat. Considering the workouts these angels undertake, which increase to 3 hours a day close to the show, it is essential for their protein consumption to increase.
  3. Water– Bridget Malcolm emphasises the importance of increasing her water intake coming up to the show and cutting out all alcohol. Elsa Hosk enjoys warm water with cayenne pepper and lemon in the mornings to help cleanse her system and feel her best before the show.
  4. Snacks – Bridget Malcolm always carries round almonds with her for a hit of vitamin E, while long standing VS angel Alessandra Ambrosio always carries almonds, fruit or a chia energy bar around, recognising the importance of snacking when she’s on the run.
  5. Low Sodium– Rachel Hilbert cuts out all sodium from her foods leading up to the show to decrease any possible bloating before hitting the runway in her lingerie.
  6. What to Avoid– all of the angels are very careful leading up to the show with their diets and emphasise the importance of home cooking to cut back off processed foods. Bridget Malcolm says “if you don’t recognise it don’t eat it”, and the angels avoid refined sugars and starches to avoid sluggish digestion.
  7. Never Skip Breakfast– All the angels cant stress the importance enough about eating a hearty breakfast. Newcomer to the runway Georgia Fowler, says she will always eat a protein rich breakfast of eggs, avocado and vegetables for a protein rich and low GI breakfast.


While some people slam these models for not eating, “skinny shaming” them or criticising their runway preparation, these models display a consistent approach toward their diets which support their heavy training and busy schedule which includes a lot of travel and rushing from one place to another. Having small protein and nutrient rich meals and snacks throughout the day with lots of water is essential to stay looking and feeling great.

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