My Fave Health Go Tos in 2017

I just wanted to write a little blog post to mention a few of my great health go tos of this year! I am sure I have forgotten lots but this is just to give a little overview. I hope you have managed to enjoy some of these too and if not – can in the new year!


  1. rx barRX Bars: It is honestly so hard to find a good, clean protein bar thats not full of sh!t , full of sugar and tastes good. Unfortunately these are not Australian, but hit upyour good friends in the US to send some over. So grateful my friend introduced these to me! They are so yummy with a range of flavours, and pure egg whites for protein. (sorry vegans)
  2. Macro Fire Cider: a little different to your average applecider vinegar, this little gem you can find in woolies and has ingredients such as garlic, ginger, turmeric
    and chilli
  3. Hemp Protein: I know it seems a bit cliche with the obsession in Australia after it was legalised. But it is a great source of protein and in such a great natural form. This one is great to add to smoothies, granolas, homemade snack bars or on top of salads, curries and any meal for an extra hit.
  4. Calipress Avo Toast: For those on my instagram you will see this as a new fave for brekkie. Calipress is a LA inspired Sydney cafe. Try their vegan avo toast which has the best GF bread I have ever had, with a yummy garlicky vegan pesto, avocado, calipress toasttomato, dukkah, pepitas(the big dark green good ones if you understand me) and lemon.
  5. Sauerkraut: anything from the peace, love and vegetables brand. This stuff is so good for your gut but also just plain delicious and the best addition to any veggie dish or snack!

saurkraut6. Coconut Water: nothing new but something I have developed a slight obsession with. The fresher the better- I just love it especially in summer!


I have never been one to watch many youtube channels or follow people’s stories much, but a few had stood out to me who I admire and look up to for many reasons!( both these people are vegan just by chance- but are great for anyone to follow like me!)

  1. Caroline H Groth: this beautiful lady shares a very real account of her amazing and inspiring health journey. I may be drawn to it more because it is local to me and I can recognise and relate to some places she often visits , but I find her very authentic and relatable. She posts very real things and has come to embrace the power of health through her own journey which I find so interesting and amazing to follow. I will link her blog below

2. Sarah’s Day: another beautiful Aussie girl, her youtube channel is so much fun and she posts so often! Her amazing positivity is so admirable and something I aspire to achieve in my life and she is so honest about all things health. She discusses great healthy approaches that are both wholistic and conventional and shares some very common and relatable health concerns to young girls. She also shares yummy recipes and great foodie tips!

3. Soulla Chamberlain: Beautiful owner of broth bar, and mum to 2 children, after interviewing this amazing woman for the blog (go check it out if you haven’t yet)- I have paid close attention to her instagram posts and stories. Soulla is so knowledgable about all things health and shares so many interesting ways she incorporates her knowledge into her and her family’s every day life which you can too.



  1. Palmers Moisturising Body Oil: Get this from the supermarket, filled with shea butter and coconut oil this is a skin lifesaver all year round! For someone who is always in the ocean, this keeps my skin nice and hydrated and soft
  2. Hurraw Lip Balm: I have an unhealthy obsession with lip balm (oops) and this is the best one I have found to date! I got the coconut one from my local cafe (Bondi Wholefoods) and it is definitely the best one I have tried yet!

lip balm3. Ocean Swims: These never get old, but something I have used as part of my healing processes this year has been ocean swims. Every day in winter and not just summer! Salt water is so good for you in so many ways and your body actually absorbs the magnesium from the ocean ( how cool)

4. Hanako Essential Oils: I was lucky to be gifted a beautiful calming oil blend by this company who makes the most incredible blends. I use it every night to help calm my anxiety and help me sleep.


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