Savoury Brekkie Scramble

I’ve been super into my veggie scramble lately for brekkie. Basically whatever veggies I have in the fridge I’ll chuck in a pan with some sautéed garlic and chilli, whisk an egg through and top with some avo, sauerkraut or toasted almonds, sometimes a drizzle of tahini! It is a great way to use leftovers and get some extra servings of veggies and nutrients for the day!

In this bowl here I have:

1 egg

1 handful spinach

1 mushroom sliced

2 shredded brussel sprouts

1 handful slivered almonds

2 cherry tomatoes

2 slices of zucchini

1 tbsp brown rice

1 clove garlic

chilli, salt and pepper

Heat your pan with 1 tbsp olive oil then on low heat, throw all the ingredients in and stir regularly so that it doesn’t stick and everything is lightly tossed and cooked. Serve with spices of choice and top with other favourite goodies like avo! (yum)

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