Choosing the Right Protein Bar!

Sometimes no matter how much you meal prep, you can find yourself in that situation where you just need something quick and easy because you haven’t had time to prepare a good snack. The supermarket can offer you a variety of “healthy” options but it is really hard to find something that despite its spot in the health aisle is actually good for you. I have shared my top tips when looking for a good quality protein bar. This is just my opinion but might help you when you’re next in need!

  1. PROTEIN: always look for a bar with some sort of protein added. I find an additional protein of brown rice, sprouted pea, hemp etc in addition to nuts will make the bar a much more satisfying and satiating snack keeping you energised and fuller for longer. Protein doesn’t have to be just for after a workout, it is essential to have in your meals regardless!
  2. LOW SUGAR: try and find a bar that is less than 5g a serve that is around 1 tsp. Anything higher will spike your sugar levels and leave you feeling more hungry with less energy. Often bars will be filled mostly with dates which although is natural sugar, will still not give you the right type of nutritional snack you need
  3. WHOLEFOODS: try and avoid a bar with any ingredients you don’t understand. If there is something in there you cannot read or haven’t heard of , you probably don’t want it in your body!
  4. HEALTHY FATS: a good addition of fats such as nuts, coconut oil , pepitas or chia seeds will help satiate you further and provide extra nourishment and sources of protein, zinc and omega 3s!

Some good options that I love are RX Bars (find on iHerb sadly not in Aus), Sun Warrior for a very high protein bar ( great for after a workout and if you like the protein taste, comes in a great caramel flavour), Nuzest Clean Lean Bar ( a nutty and protein vanilla flavour , so good!) and The Bar Counter ( they provide a range of bars both with and without protein with particularly low sugar!)


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