It is only fitting on International Womens’ Day to post my second day on a plate featuring another gorgeous young girl killing it in living a healthy lifestyle! Vicky is studying exercise science (so interesting!) and recently created a fitness page on instagram which I am obsessed with! She shares super easy workouts which you can save and do at the gym as well as actual interesting facts to do with working out and eating well. Similarly to me, Vicky shares simple, easy but delicious meals and bonus points cause she loves her chilli tuna haha (like me). Enjoy her day on a plate below and her home-made recipe for poke!

About Vicky

Hi Guys!! My name is Vicky and I’m delighted to be featured on Sarah’s Blog today! I personally run my own Instagram page dedicated to health and fitness where you can find informative posts about exercise and nutrition and why its so important to live a healthy lifestyle. I try to make my page as informative and BS-free, busting myths and teaching my audience how to approach fitness the smart way as I come from an exercise science background. I want my page to spread the importance of not only exercising and eating right to live a long and healthy life but HOW and WHY we do it. Plus you can find some handy gym workouts, tips, tricks and an insight into how I like to train! Check it out @vickykfitness IMG_7800-1

My Approach to Health and Wellness

Let’s start with a bit of background on my point of view on nutrition. When it comes to fitness, nutrition is the one element that will outshine everything during your fitness journey and life. Like I always say, no matter how much you try to block it out, you can NEVER out-train a bad diet. Therefore, I believe in consuming balanced meals throughout the day consisting of wholesome foods from various food groups, as well as eating the correct amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats tailored towards your specific goals whether it be to lose fat, gain muscle or maintain your current physique. A little treat here and there is very important too 😉 but also are your micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.



I’ll usually always feel like something savoury. My breakfast is always high protein, high fat and lower carb. I’ve found that my body responds really well to this macro nutrient breakdown in the mornings leaving me satisfied, light and energised which is what you want in the morning.

So I go for some eggs, either boiled or I make an omelette, always with smoked salmon, lots of spinach for them micros, red onion, mushrooms and a 1/4 of an avocado on top.


Breakfast usually fills me up right until 12pm – 1pm. For lunch I’ll go higher carb, high protein, low fat. This is because lunch is the time I refuel and replenish my muscles after my workout. So ill have some brown basmati rice with some chilli tuna because it’s an easy source of protein that is always stocked up in my house or chicken if there’s leftovers from dinner :), greens such as broccolini, sautéed spinach, and some pumpkin. I’ll put some soy sauce, lemon juice, coriander and spring onion in there too to add a bit more flavour.

If I feel like eating out one day, Ill get sushi or poke 🙂 sushi rolls with either salmon and avocado or tuna and avocado with white or brown rice, depends what I’m feeling like that day. But I find that I digest white rice a little easier than brown rice.

Also, If I’m out and about I always crave a freshly squeezed juice. I usually go to Top juice because they have heaps of juices to choose from. I get the Ruby Green juice. Its got grapefruit, ginger, carrot, beetroot and celery in it, but I hate celery so I swap it for apple.

One of my fave foodie posts of Vicky’s! How YUM does this salmon look wow


So it gets to around 4pm and I need something to break my hunger because dinner is still 3 hours away ! I’ll usually have a mini bowl of tuna with cucumber and tomato cut up with a can of 4 bean mix thrown in there and then just a protein shake mixed with just almond milk and ice. That keeps me full until dinner.

Dinner :

My dinners are always high protein, moderate carb and low fat, not on purpose, my family just always likes making yummy salads for dinner with a source of protein either being steak, chicken thighs or fish e.g. grilled salmon or barramundi. Nothing tooo fancy, but delicious. My boyfriend is also an AMAZING chef. He cooks the most tender, juicy meat ever so we always have something along the lines of meat and salad sometimes with rice, sometimes without 🙂


I’m not too fussed about dessert. I don’t get crazy cravings for ice cream or chocolate because I feed my body properly throughout the day which I find beats cravings over anything. When you’re ‘craving’ something it’s usually your body telling you that you’re not getting enough of a certain food/ vitamin/ mineral etc. BUT when I do feel like treating myself at the end of the day I’ll go get some messina or a krispy kreme (my guilty pleasure) or just have some chocolate or ice cream at home. I recently bought the dairy free coconut ice cream by Weis, it’s SO GOOD, definitely worth trying.




So with all this in mind, today I’ll be sharing one of my favourite meals that you’re all probably familiar with. Fish Bowl is a sashimi bowl eatery I LOVE to get when I’m down at Bondi Beach. It tastes amazing and is very micronutrient dense when you break it down and pretty simple to make at home which is what I love doing. These are the ingredients I buy from the Asian supermarket and love adding to my bowl. Down below I’ve broken down the macronutrients in the main ingredients and health benefits of each ingredient if your curious to see what’s really inside these yummy bowls 🙂

Approximate time to make: 20 – 30mins


100g Brown Rice (high carb option) or 100g Purple Cabbage (low carb option) – blanch for 2 mins

  • Rice is the main carbohydrate source I love to eat. It fills me up all the way to my next meal without me having to snack all the time and supplies me with energy. Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for your body so make sure you are getting enough. carbs are good for you, NOT BAD!!!! But for those who are looking for a lower carb option anyways, cabbage is your guy.


150g Salmon 

  • high in protein and fat such as Omega 3s (dw these are ‘good fats’ 😉

45g Seaweed salad 

  • This magical ingredient contains a wealth of important minerals such as calcium and magnesium for strong bones and muscles as well as a lot of vitamin C

1-2tbs Pickled Ginger

  • I love ginger with all my heart. not only the taste, but its also very good for your gut and digestion ❤

0.5 cups of cucumber and radish 

  • Get as much of these as you can. Radish is especially very fibrous.

1-2 tbs of flying fish roe (tobiko) 

  • contains Omega3 fats and contains anti-inflammatory properties!

Now we get funky with the sauce. An easy sauce I like to make is a mix of:

soy sauce

sweet soy


lime juice

sesame oil

and DONE!! Mix all these ingredients together in a medium size bowl and enjoy!

Keep up to date with Vicky on instagram @vickykfitness


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