Next for day on a plate is the little pocket rocket Lizzie Bland! Some of you will know her as the founder of leanbeanfitness(serious girl boss!)- an amazing fitness studio in Bondi and Darlinghurst (check it out asap!) Lizzie is always bouncing with energy – want to know why? Besides sneaking in some sweaty workouts in her day she also keeps fuelled the right way! I resonate with Lizzie’s diet which revolves around lost of protein and veggies with great high protein snacks! Hope she gives you some healthy inspo below 

Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.10.06

Always porridge with soy milk (mainly because i like the creaminess of it) followed by a bowl of melon and some peanut butter. I say some as its sometimes a tablespoon but often leads to a few of them.
Fruit, a bag of salt and vinegar fava beans (happy snack company) or sweet & salt popcorn. If i need a bit of energy ill have a peak chocolate bar which has caffeine in it… I’ve actually given up coffee as it was giving me headaches so i probably shouldn’t have it but the chocolate goodness overtakes the headache 🙂
Lunch will be some sort of protein and/or veggies. I love having something like a grilled chicken salad, or some tuna with leftover roast veggies.
Screenshot 2018-03-23 17.06.45.png
Im a bit of a lazy chef and normally rely on my boyfriend Jonathan to cook a good veggie bolognaise or curry on a Sunday that’ll cover me for most of the week. When I’m needing a quick nutritious meal with minimal effort, I’ll steam a load of green veg/whatever i’ve got and mix it up with a can of sardines or mackrel in tomato sauce (im pretty sure spring water ones would be the healthier option :-|)…but yeah, not really a recipe as such…but this is my day on a plate!
Chocolate – any kind but always go for 70%+
If im feeling at all hungry before bed, ill have a glass of almond/soy milk as I don’t sleep well if im hungry 🙂
Keep up to date with Lizzie on instagram at @leanbeanfitnessau or buy an intro pack and try out her epic classes here!

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