Hemp & Zucchini Cookies

Introducing to you a cookie like you’ve never had before ! These high protein, nutrient packed cookies are the best snack ever.  Even great for brekkie paired with some berries and coconut yoghurt too. I used zucchini in mine, you could also give grated carrot a go as well. If you make them I would love to hear how you like them. I have only recently started using hemp seeds and they are so great for the brain and heart, full of magnesium and plenty of omegas, I would highly recommend them. They can be a bit expensive , but you can use my code SARAHC20 for 20% off all hemple products ! ( I also love the hemp seed oil for salads). 



Almond meal 1 cup

LSA 2 tbsp

buckwheat flour 1/2 cup

Coconut flour 1/2 cup

Hemp seeds 1/2 cup

Maple 1/3 cup

1 egg

Coconut oil 2 tbsp

1 Grated zucchini

Cinnamon 1tsp


  1. Mix all together in blender or bowl

2.  Bake at 180 degrees for 30 mins

3. Allow to cool and enjoy!



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