High Fibre Bircher Muesli (GF,DF)

I’m not usually a huge fan of bircher muesli as I sometimes find oats quite heavy and often if you order it out it is filled with yoghurt and milk which can be hard on the digestion. I came up with this amazing dairy free, gluten free version. While there is question around quinoa as a grain, when soaked it is actually classified paleo and is really well digested. Combined with LSA, this high fibre bircher made with coconut yoghurt and quinoa flakes is a great energy sustainer, full of satiating healthy fats and is delicious !! Let me know if you make it and if you also find you digest it better than regular bircher or muesli 


1 cup quinoa flakes

2 tbsp LSA

1 tbsp slivered almonds

1 tbsp cacao nibs

1/2 tbsp honey

1/3 cup coconut yoghurt

1 tbsp cranberries

1 cup almond milk

pinch cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla bean


  1. In a large mixing bowl combine all of your ingredients and store well
  2. Cover and place in fridge for a few hours or overnight
  3. Serve straight from the fridge with toppings of choice ! I used hemp seeds, frozen raspberries and cacao nibs. Was a great texture and flavour combo

cocotribe bircher

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