Eat by Chloe Vegan Caesar Salad

So on my trip to New York over Christmas ( yes when we could travel ) , I had the most amazing vegan Caesar salad from a place called eat by Chloe. Honestly one of the best salads ever.. I can tell you I went back again before leaving. So of course I had to make my own version! The shiitake bacon really makes it ( recipe here) . The salad had almond parm but wasn’t sure how to make that so I used cashew parmesan from pimp my salad which you can get at most health food stores.

IMG_2196 2


2 cups shredded kale

1/2 cup chopped capsicum

1 slice buckwheat toast or toast of choice

1/2 cup tofu ( marinaded or cooked how you like)

1/2 cup shitake bacon 

Dressing: 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp tahini, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp tamari,  salt, pepper


  1. If you haven’t yet , make your shiitake bacon in the oven. I make this in a big batch and store in a’ container to snack on and add to salads
  2. If you want to flavour your tofu, lightly toss in a fry pan with some olive oil, tamari and spices of choice
  3. Next , toast you choice of bread and fry lightly in olive oil, tamari, salt and pepper till crunchy and crispy . Chop into small pieces these are your croutons
  4. Assemble all your salad ingredients together and toss well
  5. Stir dressing ingredients in a small bowl together and pour over salad.

Enjoy! xx

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