Your Guide to Healthy, Affordable, Easy & Delicious Meal Prep

Whether you have a big day at school/work/uni or you know you're going to be on the go all day long - meal prepping is SO helpful in so many ways. Not only does it stop you from spending money and reaching for easy , quick food options which are often unhealthy, meal prepping :... Continue Reading →


This day on a plate contains a very yummy recipe which I am so excited to make ! I came across Sasha on instagram and she is one of my faveee insta foodies! Studying nutrition, she not only provides delicious and healthy recipes but also great nutritional facts and discussions with each of her posts.... Continue Reading →


Next for day on a plate is the little pocket rocket Lizzie Bland! Some of you will know her as the founder of leanbeanfitness(serious girl boss!)- an amazing fitness studio in Bondi and Darlinghurst (check it out asap!) Lizzie is always bouncing with energy - want to know why? Besides sneaking in some sweaty workouts in... Continue Reading →


It is only fitting on International Womens' Day to post my second day on a plate featuring another gorgeous young girl killing it in living a healthy lifestyle! Vicky is studying exercise science (so interesting!) and recently created a fitness page on instagram which I am obsessed with! She shares super easy workouts which you can save and... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Protein Bar!

Sometimes no matter how much you meal prep, you can find yourself in that situation where you just need something quick and easy because you haven't had time to prepare a good snack. The supermarket can offer you a variety of "healthy" options but it is really hard to find something that despite its spot... Continue Reading →


So excited to start my day on a plate series on the blog! I have selected a few of my favourite healthy inspos that I just can't get enough of! First up is Georgia from georganics. I am forever jealous of her family who get to sit down to her amazing meals every day. Her... Continue Reading →

5 minutes with Laura Henshaw

As much as I love Sydney, it does seem that Melbourne seems to be the happening place of health sometimes. From the gorgeous keep it cleaner girls to brands like matcha maiden and a foodie’s dream café ( sos coffee pancakes please.) I was so lucky to get to speak to both of these girls.... Continue Reading →

Eat Like An Angel

It's that time of the year where the infamous Victoria’s Secret Show comes around. This year, over 50 models walked the runway in Paris. These girls start preparing 6 months prior for the show every day for what might be not even 30 seconds on your TV screens. In addition to intense training regimes, the... Continue Reading →

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