Super Loaded Granola

Ok - this granola is actually so BOMB! Full of so much texture- the variety of nuts , seeds and superfoods really makes it unique. Not too sweet, and super crunchy honestly I eat this by the handful. However if you are not a fellow granola addict, it is also great as breakfast with coconut... Continue Reading →

Turmeric Oats

That Autumn morning chill is coming back which calls for warmer meals. I have been reading a lot recently on Ayurvedic medicine and their principles where they speak a lot about eating in alignment with the weather e.g. eating more grounding , warming foods as it becomes colder. So perhaps try swapping your smoothie bowl... Continue Reading →

Protein Pancakes

Lazy weekends in bed call for pancakes under the duvet and warm cups of coffee. These pancakes are so yummy but full of goodness unlike regular pancakes that can often leave us feeling a bit sluggish. Instead these energising pancakes are packed with nutritious ingredients and a decadent tahini caramel sauce and crunchy cacao granola... Continue Reading →

Chia & Hemp Breakfast Pudding

Who else is enjoying the hemp trend at the moment? After becoming closer with the founders of myhemple, (use SARAHC10 for 10% off)I have been increasingly using hemp seeds & oils in my cooking and love it! The flavour is delicious and nutty and it is so beneficial for us, containing many great omegas, magnesium &... Continue Reading →

One Pan Brekkie Fritter

This morning I was craving some yummy fritters to breakfast and was inspired to make my own giant crispy deliciousness. It is great to throw in whatever veggies you have in the fridge you don't need to follow mine completely is a good guide. Also I added bit of cheese but if you don't like... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Tacos

So this has been my go to for weeks now especially in the warmer weather. I love throwing in whatever veggies I have in the fridge, usually raw but also sometimes leftover roasted veggies from the night before as well. I usually use tofu or sometimes boiled eggs. It is light and fresh but also... Continue Reading →

Capsicum Brownies

You may think I am a little crazy but I love sneaking different  veggies into every day snacks and treats! These brownies turned out so much more tasty than I thought they would be and are an extremely clean snack ( I wouldn't even call them a treat). They are high in protein and low... Continue Reading →

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