Super Seed Wholemeal Bread

My mum has always been a whizz in the kitchen and reminded me of the super seeded bread she used to make when she made it for a family dinner recently. It does contain gluten and although I try to steer clear of gluten most of the time, as a one off this bread is... Continue Reading →

Turmeric Prawn Curry

As we come into cooler months it is important to eat according to seasons- starting to replace fresh cool meals with warm ones containing lots of immune supporting herbs and spices. This turmeric prawn curry is just that. A delicious balance of healing and nourishing spices- pair with some brown rice, soba noodles, cauliflower rice & greens.... Continue Reading →

Roasted Roots & Tahini Dipping Sauce

Not like you need the cold weather as an excuse to make these as let's be honest, I eat these all year round BUT, there is something extra satisfying about these when you're craving something warm to pair with dinner. Letting your carrots and sweet potatoes roast for extra long in olive oil and salt... Continue Reading →

Golden Turmeric Cauliflower

Well roasted cauliflower is one of my favourite meals of all time. Because I always get impatient I often take it out before it is properly roasted but if you can let it get to that soft, crisp melt in your mouth texture it is truly phenomenal. Using beautiful flavours of turmeric and cumin to... Continue Reading →

Veggie Nachos

Bringing to you the perfect quick winter meal - these veggie nachos seriously hit the spot , especially in the cold rainy weather. Use this recipe as a base and make it your own  maybe adding roasted sweet potato instead of corn chips, or using a lean beef mince if you want some animal protein.... Continue Reading →

Vegan Fettucine

There’s something so warming about sitting down to a hot bowl of creamy pasta isn’t there?( especially in this cold weather change Aussies!) While studies show that pasta may not be great for us , edamame and mung bean noodles are the best replacement. Offering a delicious and nutritious alternative to pasta, these noodles are... Continue Reading →

Tofu Nourish Bowl

Another Meat Free Monday bowl tonight! Starting to become my favourite. So much plant based goodness- focusing on getting good quality nutrients, carbs & protein from your veggies . Sneaky meal prep tip I use in here is the coles prepacked slaw salad: it comes with shredded kale and veg and a packet of mixed... Continue Reading →

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