Cacao & Beetroot Truffles

Sneaking veg into anything- especially desserts is my favourite thing ever! It is so good knowing you're getting an extra serve of veggies in and you can't even taste it - in fact it actually adds sweetness and a beautiful colour. Try making these for your next dessert when you've got friends over for dinner... Continue Reading →

Chocolate & Macadamia Brittle Vanilla Slice

Not sure if it's just me but sometimes my inner creative chef comes out at night and I just whip up these random creations ? Lol well this happened last night but I am NOT mad about it ! These slices are to dieeee for and could not recommend more . They aren't baked so... Continue Reading →

Cacao, Matcha & Hemp Cookies

These cookies are the perfect healthy treat after christmas ! Even though the festive season may be full of food and drinks , classic me still craves a little treat . These are low in sugar, with no nasties, full of whole foods and rich in antioxidants from the cacao and matcha. They are so... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Spice Brownies

So I know Halloween isn't really a big thing in Australia but I thought it was a good excuse to get creative in the kitchen! These brownies are made with cooked pumpkin ( hello sneaky veg!) and yummy wholesome ingredients for a perfect pick me up treat. If you like these a little more indulgent... Continue Reading →

Turmeric & Cacao Granola

I go crazy for chunky granola clusters. It has taken me a while to work out the key ingredients that make it stick together ( nope it is not buckets of sweetener!). This cacao and turmeric combination is a nice balance with the spice and bitter cacao. I usually go for caramel or vanilla flavours... Continue Reading →

Kale Chippies

Don't diss until you try it ! These babies are a staple snack in my house for the whole fam. Coat with olive oil and the spices of your dreams - once you pimp these up you'll never go back to packeted chips againĀ  IngredientsĀ  1/2 bunch kale 2-3 tbsp olive oil salt / pepper/... Continue Reading →

Beauty Balls

These bliss balls I made with the intention of giving your skin a healthy glow. It isn't just topically what can affect your skin, but so much of what you put in your body as well as your gut health that impacts your skin. I used a special detox clay from skin health emporium which... Continue Reading →

Matcha & Coconut Protein Granola

  It is all too easy to reach for those yummy but dangerously sugary supermarket clusters.. so what better than making your own! The matcha provides a super antioxidant boost , along with the added plant protein from eimele oat blend, this is the perfect high protein snack or breakfast option with some fresh fruit... Continue Reading →

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