Raw Nachos

Who doesn't love Mexican?! ( no one) Hence why I created these delicious raw nachos ooooh yeah. Sometimes despite traditional flavours being delicious, mexican food is often full of preservatives and rich sauces and cheese that can leave us feeling slightly ill after eating. This version takes all the best, fresh and delicious components of... Continue Reading →

Easter Nests

It's not too late to get baking for the long weekend! Celebrate Easter with these yummy treats. Forget your kinder surprise eggs and replace them with this healthy alternative full of healthy fats and delicious nutritious ingredients. Also super cute to make in the kitchen with family and friends for a fun baking activity, these... Continue Reading →

White Chocolate & Hazelnut Hot Cross Buns

 Easter is my favourite excuse to get creative in the kitchen ! These hot cross buns are full of delicious traditional flavours but use much more wholesome and nutritious ingredients ( plus some cheeky Easter chocolate too) Add your favourite superfoods and enjoy warm on your long weekend this April. Ingredients 1.5 cups almond meal... Continue Reading →

Paleo Muesli Bars

I was inspired to create a quick fix muesli bar for a great long lasting snack to keep me going throughout the day. Lots of recipes use oats as the bulk of bars with just a few other ingredients thrown in and I wanted to challenge myself to try and make something without them and... Continue Reading →

Protein Pancakes

Lazy weekends in bed call for pancakes under the duvet and warm cups of coffee. These pancakes are so yummy but full of goodness unlike regular pancakes that can often leave us feeling a bit sluggish. Instead these energising pancakes are packed with nutritious ingredients and a decadent tahini caramel sauce and crunchy cacao granola... Continue Reading →

Haloumi & Carrot Salad

This is the yummiest salad ever and is so quick and easy to make. A perfect go to for Monday night. I made this quickly in between jobs and was great for dinner. I paired it with some grilled salmon. If you are keeping it plant based- try adding some crispy asian tofu or roasted... Continue Reading →

Healthy Pizzas

Sometimes you just want a quick go to meal and something that can cater to everyone as well. That's why homemade pizzas are my favourite thing because they are so stress free, everyone can top their own and you don't need to stress ( except for trying to work out how many toppings you can... Continue Reading →

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