Coconut Ice Cream Bars

Even in winter, sometimes you just get that craving. And because just simply ice cream is not enough - why not make your own and add it in between a raw nutty caramel base and chocolate layer. Good luck trying to stop at one ...  Ingredients Base ½ cup oats ½ cup almonds ½ cup... Continue Reading →

Roasted Roots & Tahini Dipping Sauce

Not like you need the cold weather as an excuse to make these as let's be honest, I eat these all year round BUT, there is something extra satisfying about these when you're craving something warm to pair with dinner. Letting your carrots and sweet potatoes roast for extra long in olive oil and salt... Continue Reading →

Fudgy Peanut Butter Slice

These are the yummiest treat ever ! I made them for a friend's birthday - the combination of oats, nut butter and the decadent flavour of pecan nuts along with the crumbly texture is seriously good. Use almond or cashew butter if you don't peanut - and enjoy! I topped mine with homemade choc but... Continue Reading →

Pick your Flavour Cookies

I wanted to experiment in the kitchen with some cookies ( again I know) - and couldn't decide what I wanted . Cacao, Matcha, Turmeric..? So I decided to make a base dough and then split it up and add different flavours. Both turned out so well and meant I didn't have to make the... Continue Reading →

Golden Turmeric Cauliflower

Well roasted cauliflower is one of my favourite meals of all time. Because I always get impatient I often take it out before it is properly roasted but if you can let it get to that soft, crisp melt in your mouth texture it is truly phenomenal. Using beautiful flavours of turmeric and cumin to... Continue Reading →

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