Rainbow Slaw

I am such a fan of a raw veggie salad. It is fresh, quick, easy and wholesome! I remade a healthy version of a slaw which is often filled with rubbish when buying out. I used a great new gut friendly mayo made with bone broth and apple cider. It was so delish- perfectly paired... Continue Reading →

Espresso + Almond Chocolate Slice

I was treated to some delicious almond and coffee nut butter recently which inspired me to make this delicious slice. It is packed with plant based protein and healthy fats making it a great satiating snack or dessert which won't spike your sugar levels, leaving you feeling tired , lethargic or hungry.¬† Ingredients¬† 50g protein... Continue Reading →

Miso Caramel Slice

I have never baked before with miso, but I use it lots when I am making salmon and asian dishes. It worked out so well - bringing that salty flavour to the sweet dish. I adapted a recipe I found online which was packed with dates so I tried to halve the amount of sugar... Continue Reading →

Shitake Bacon

On my recent trip to New York I came across this amazing vegan cafe eat by chloe where I had one of the best salads of my life( I have made my own version , recipe coming soon!) Part of the salad was the shitake 'bacon' made from mushrooms and oh my god.. once I... Continue Reading →

Probiotic Green Bowl

I made this bowl today with the new kefir range from table of plenty. I have never tried kefir before but it is becoming more and more popular because of its rich probiotic and high protein properties. ( it is a probiotic rich, fermented yoghurt/milk) I don't love dairy so I bought the lactose free... Continue Reading →

Cacao & Beetroot Truffles

Sneaking veg into anything- especially desserts is my favourite thing ever! It is so good knowing you're getting an extra serve of veggies in and you can't even taste it - in fact it actually adds sweetness and a beautiful colour. Try making these for your next dessert when you've got friends over for dinner... Continue Reading →

Cacao, Matcha & Hemp Cookies

These cookies are the perfect healthy treat after christmas ! Even though the festive season may be full of food and drinks , classic me still craves a little treat . These are low in sugar, with no nasties, full of whole foods and rich in antioxidants from the cacao and matcha. They are so... Continue Reading →

Chickpea Sprout Coleslaw

This is one of the best and easiest yummy salad recipes ! It is completely plant based with some yummy crispy chickpeas for protein and a dreamy tahini dressing. Serve at the table this Christmas for a healthy side . Ingredients 1 grated carrot 1 cup grated red cabbage 1/2 cup coriander 1/2 cup cranberries... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Spice Brownies

So I know Halloween isn't really a big thing in Australia but I thought it was a good excuse to get creative in the kitchen! These brownies are made with cooked pumpkin ( hello sneaky veg!) and yummy wholesome ingredients for a perfect pick me up treat. If you like these a little more indulgent... Continue Reading →

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